Electrical Services

From color matching the faceplates of your light switches to surge protection that prolongs motor life and saves energy, we are equipped to offer a full range electrical services.


Main Electrical Panel is the supply point for all of the electrical circuits in your home. We guarantee all installation and panel replacement projects will be completed in a timely manner, utilizing only quality electrical breakers and components. All equipment used will be precise and up to the National Electrical Code, meeting all the requirements of your city or town.

Lighting sets the ambiance for your home and we have many options available to help create your ideal environment. Whether, you want to add mood lighting to your dining room or landscape lighting to enhance your outdoor living space, we have practical solutions to meet your individual needs.

Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors keep your family safe from residential fires and carbon monoxide gas. Our experienced electricians can install or upgrade your present smoke detectors to the combination smoke/carbon monoxide detectors to help your peace of mind.

Paddle Fans a properly installed paddle fan helps to circulate air and improve cooler air flow in your home. Paddle fans allow you to adjust the thermostat accordingly, and save money on your electric bill.

Circuits & Wiring run through your entire home, connecting the various outlets and switches. These must be in proper working order to operate outlets, switches and kitchen appliances. Worn and loose circuits are often overlooked, we can repair these or install new wiring systems when needed. We provide 3 year warranties on all new wiring systems, and work hard to not disturb your drywall and paint.

Trouble Shooting efficiency in your electrical equipment is our specialty, and our experienced electricians use a tried and tested approach allowing them to systematically analyze circuits. This quick and effective method determines the exact problem, and allows us to only replace only the defective equipment, in the least amount of time.

Whole House Generators installed with an Automatic Transfer Switch to instantly restore the electricity supplied to your home in the event the power is interrupted due to severe weather or troubled transmission lines. We service and install a variety of sizes of Generac Generators. All generators are installed to meet your standby electrical needs, you never have to lose power again.

Whole House Surge Protectors are designed to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes and power surges. We will evaluate your main electrical panel and wiring, and make recommendations. We are experts at installing your needed surge protection so you can rest assured that your valuable appliances and electronics will be safe. 



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