About Us

What makes our company so great is most certainly the people here who are dedicated to providing you the best experience possible.

Traditionally, home automation and integration technology has done little more than add complications and headaches to the lives of end users. This is why when designing a home control system Palm Beach Electronics takes an entirely different approach to the field of custom home automation. Zak Deily, owner and president, understands that the system should be the solution, not the problem, and with over 15 years in the field has hands on experience with every facet of the industry. From sales to design, operations to implementation he has watched this industry grow and evolve to the point that clients now benefit from huge advances in technology never before implemented in the field. The march of progress in the industry has created new products that are much better, faster, more feature rich, and in most cases less expensive than the traditional route of complicated and pricey automation systems. The biggest benefit of all this advancement, in conjunction with Palm Beach Electronics unique approach, is no longer having to worry about the varying consistency of quality and craftsmanship from company to company.

Our goal is to standardize product and installation offerings, which will allow us to provide a more consistent level of product quality, functionality, and service - all at a better value. Previous to Palm Beach Electronics, the experience was sluggish and in some cases intrusive to everyday life. Imagine every time you buy a new car you had to relearn how to drive? Even further, once you finally figured it out, some feature didn't work because it was programmed incorrectly or the dealer didn't know that you wanted that particular feature. On top of that, imagine the frustration at how much your new car cost when all you want is the car to drive, the radio to play music, and the added features you selected to work as sold. Could you imagine dropping your car off at the dealer 2-3 times a week for the first few months after buying the car so they could work out the kinks? There is a name for this scenario: a lemon. Unfortunately, that situation is all too familiar when it comes to custom automation and home electronics systems. Don't get stuck with a lemon. Call Palm Beach Electronics and we will navigate you through the vast range of offerings available and breakdown why the products we have selected are the most practical and usable for you.

The vast majority of the items we sell we use ourselves at home or work every single day. If a product does not live up to our standards, it surely will not make the cut when it comes time to select components for a customer.

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